Fan Content Policy


Everyone here at Hothead Games is thrilled at the level of passion and enthusiasm shown by the community toward our games. We think it’s incredible that you want to create all sorts of content and cool stuff based on them, we’re extremely happy about that!

We’ve developed this Policy to govern your use of Hothead’s intellectual property things like character art, sound effects, names and logos among others (to keep things simple we’ll refer to these things as “Game Assets”).

Please read this Policy carefully as it will govern your use of Hothead Games intellectual property. We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time through updated versions posted on our website.

Normally it’s illegal for people to use intellectual property associated with our games without our permission. However, we want to help our fans show their support while at the same time protecting what we’ve worked so hard to create.

Any existing fan content that does not comply with this policy must be unpublished or modified to be compliant with the Policy.


  • Fan Created Content. You may use the Game Assets to create content as long as you comply with this policy. You cannot create new games based on the Game Assets. Not even if they are free. Permitted fan-created content includes non-commercial fan-generated online guides and guide apps, fan meetups, fan pages and gameplay videos if they follow this Policy. Any content that violates this policy is prohibited.
  • Online Only. You are not permitted to produce or distribute physical games or other goods that use any Game Assets unless a previous agreement was made.
  • Non-Commercial. Fan content created by you must have no commercial objective. If you utilize ads, they must comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and developer policies.
  • Use Disclaimers. Please include this line in text legible to all users somewhere in your content. “This content is not affiliated, sponsored, or approved by Hothead Games and Hothead Games is not responsible for it. For more information please see
  • Don’t hurt others. Respect other people’s property. If you use another fan’s content without their permission, we may ask you to remove it.
  • Our stuff… is ours! You may not say or imply that your content is permitted or approved by Hothead Games unless previously agreed upon. You also cannot create any other material that is similar to any Hothead Game Asset.


  • Removal. We reserve the right to determine what kind of Fan Content we are OK with and can revoke your permission to create fan content at any time and for any reason.
  • Developer policies and agreements. Respect the rules of the platform you choose to share your Fan Content on. You must always follow applicable developer policies and agreements.
  • Our use of your Content. Hothead Games may use your Fan Content without compensation in a manner we consider reasonable, for example by reposting it or using it in our marketing activities.

When using Games Assets for fan content purposes, your use is subject to the Hothead Game’s Terms of Service. In the event a term of this Policy conflicts with a term of the Terms of Service, this Policy takes precedence with respect to any issues related to Fan Content.

Last Updated: January 2019


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