Hothead Games Partners With Cheetah Mobile To Release Kill Shot Bravo Across China!


Hothead Games, the developer and publisher of leading shooter games on mobile, announced today that its highly acclaimed First Person Shooter, Kill Shot Bravo, has been officially released in China in partnership with Chinese developer, Cheetah Mobile, an award winning company that was given Best Game of the Year 2015 accolade by Google Play.

First launched in North America, Europe, and rest of the world in November 2015, Kill Shot Bravo is the only shooter game with a successful Player-Versus-Player (PVP) mode in western markets.

After launching in China on major Android app stores and on the Apple App Store, Kill Shot Bravo immediately vaulted up the charts, reaching the #5 Free Games download position for iPhone and #3 Free Games download spot for iPad. This was mainly due to incredible platform reviews and featuring by the distribution channels in China.

“Chinese audiences are hungry for high-quality action games, and the early success of Kill Shot Bravo in China is a testament to the game’s appeal to all sorts of audiences throughout the world,” said Vlad Ceraldi, Director of Development at Hothead Games. “Our decision to partner with Cheetah Mobile is one that we knew would help us make Kill Shot Bravo a success in China. Their ability to get the game into as many hands as possible in the Chinese market has been a huge strength for us collectively.”

Cheetah Mobile helped to navigate the myriad of Android app stores and distribute Kill Shot Bravo with major players such as Tencent, Youku, Baidu and others. The game quality was rated A/A+ by almost all the Android distribution channels, which helped secure special marketing support consideration. The game was also featured heavily by Apple, achieving the #2 New Games We Love feature position and main banner support. Cheetah Mobile also provided Hothead Games with guidance on how to adapt the game for Chinese audiences, including optimal IAP price points, in-game energy systems, and new content and update publishing schedules.

“We knew that mobile gamers in China would find Kill Shot Bravo very exciting,” said Zhang Fan, Marketing Manager of Cheetah Mobile. “With its exceptional graphics and incredibly unique gameplay, the game appeals to players throughout the world. We just wanted to make sure the game got the attention it deserved in all the right channels.”

Last month, Hothead Games announced the addition of a new Alliance Mode to Kill Shot Bravo, bringing the next generation of social, multi-player FPS gaming to mobile devices.

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