Hothead’s Lost Guide To The Galaxy


At Hothead, we’ve been successfully making games for more than six years. Fostering creative freedom is paramount to successful game development, but spending too much time in the blue-sky phase can create challenges. It’s a problem that we at Hothead Games fell victim to after securing the mobile licensing rights to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

Inspired by the film and TV series, our creative team started by developing high-polish cutscenes that explored the IP from a narrative angle. With significant resources invested into these premium assets, we tried to retrofit a paywall-based economy but quickly realized it would frustrate players and wouldn’t monetize well given how easy it is to capture and share paid content on platforms like YouTube. The project was cancelled, though we recognized that it was due to our flawed production practices that let us put the cart before the horse.

As we’ve evolved, we’ve come to embrace structure. Our greenlight process brings a sense of order to the fast-paced mobile market. It prevents wasted resources and helps the whole team feel more in touch with their industry. Whether you’re a small shop or a growing studio, we suggest instituting your own greenlight process. Setting up these kinds of boundaries is a great way to stimulate creativity and ensure that you and your team continue to produce the best games you’re capable of.  Our continued success is in part because of this amazing process.

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